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Trauma of Marginalized Communities with Dr. Melody Brown

Posted on August 6, 2020

Trauma of Marginalized Communities with Dr. Melody Brown

In this episode, Dr. Melody Brown returns to talk about the trauma and marginalized communities. Trauma is playing a major role in the impact of the pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement. Dr. Brown brings her expertise to examine the role of trauma in the challenges facing our communities.

My name is Dr. Melody Brown (she/her/hers). I am a cisgender female, an educator, couple and family therapist, clinical supervisor, consultant, and public speaker. My passion is working to decimate social injustice. I hold several marginalized identities: Queer, Black, Queen Sized, and Woman… and I’m learning to love each part of me more and more every day.

I teach in higher education with a focus on social justice issues in couple and family therapy. I have a private practice offering consultation, training, public speaking, clinical supervision and therapy. I am working on creating a model for new therapists to practice through a social justice lens. The critical element is clinicians begin to learn and own their privilege and the ways privilege decentralizes communities of color and queer and trans communities. I am also working to reach large companies to dismantle the barriers that prevent them from respectfully serving consumers and fairing hiring and managing employees.

This year (2020) we are witnessing the rebirth of combined social justice movements around the world. I am so honored to be alive during this season of change because this time…the REVOLUTION will be televised!

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