Welcome to my website. My name is Matthew Bennett, and I have a passion for helping people who are struggling to find hope and change their lives. This site is designed to highlight how I live my passion through my training, speaking, and writing. On this site, you can find my  Trauma-Informed Lens Podcast which allows me to facilitate conversations about different aspects of the trauma-informed movement. You will also find information about my four books Connecting Paradigms, Talking about Trauma & Change, Heart Rate Variability, and Trauma-Sensitive Early Education. If you are interested in my work of integrating heart rate variability in trauma-informed environments check out www.optimalhrv.com.

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What is Trauma Informed?

Research and scientific advancements in genetics and neurobiology have revealed the devastating power of psychological trauma. Cancer, homelessness, addiction, incarceration, and diabetes are just a few of the problems facing people with unresolved traumatic histories. These advances not only show the devastating effects of trauma throughout the lifespan, but also demonstrate how traditional educational, criminal justice, public health, and social services fail to meet the complex need of those struggling with trauma. Becoming trauma informed not only challenges us to rethink services, but it also forces us to reexamine our views of self-care and organizational and system leadership.

Connecting Paradigms

A Trauma Informed and Neurological Framework for Motivational Interviewing Implementation

Connecting Paradigms: A Trauma-Informed & Neurobiological Framework for Motivational Interviewing Implementation provides an innovative approach to helping those struggling with past trauma to make critical life changes and heal from their pain and suffering. Scientific understanding of the brain, the impact of trauma, and research around behavioral change has grown exponentially over the last several decades. This knowledge is challenging and transforming thinking around how we provide mental-health and substance-abuse education, medical care, criminal justice, and social work. Connecting Paradigms presents an integrated model, combining research in neurobiology, trauma, behavioral change, harm reduction, and Motivational Interviewing into a practical skillset easily implemented across a variety of settings and professions.

“We have been so impressed with his skill that we are searching for grant dollars to bring him back for the next three years! Don’t hesitate—you will not be sorry to have Matt Bennet and the Bennett Innovation Group on your team.”

Mary Donnelly-Crocker, Executive Director Young & Healthy

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Welcome to My Website

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