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Talking Trauma-Informed Workplaces with Nathan Gerbrandt

Posted on April 28, 2021

Talking Trauma-Informed Workplaces with Nathan Gerbrandt

In this episode, Nathan Gerbrandt joins Matt to discuss the importance of trauma-informed workplaces and organizations.

Nathan Gerbrandt is co-author of “A Little Book About Trauma-Informed Workplaces” and the Managing Director of the Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute (CTRI). In this role, he is passionate about promoting trauma-informed practices that support individuals, organizations, and communities. Prior to working with CTRI, Nathan coordinated service delivery and rehabilitation planning for people with co-occurring disorders and complex trauma in conflict with the law. He has refined skills in violence prevention, risk management, and collaborative treatment planning for vulnerable people. In addition, Nathan specializes in the areas of disability services, case management, and working with people with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. He holds a Master of Social Work degree and is a Registered Social Worker. Nathan believes that the key to improving people’s lives through training is to find the right fit. When this connection is made, it inspires a ripple effect that can extend to everyone we meet.

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