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Karen Gross joins the show to talk Trauma-Responsive Schools & Covid

Posted on May 5, 2021

Karen Gross joins the show to talk Trauma-Responsive Schools & Covid

In this episode of the Trauma-Informed Len Podcast, Karen Gross and Matt discuss trauma-sensitive and responsive schools and the impact of Covid on students and educators.

Karen Gross is an educator and an author of adult and children’s books.  She also serves as Senior Counsel at Finn Partners, where she consults on higher education crisis management.  She specializes in student success across the educational pipeline and focuses her attention on students who are traumatized or otherwise at risk based on socio-economic status, race or ethnicity.   She is regularly quoted in the media or participated in broadcasts and podcasts about issues involving education, including PBS, NPR Cross Currents, The New York Times, The Week, Readers Digest, Thrive Global and Insider, all as detailed on her website.

She has worked all along the educational pipeline — with early childhood educators and professors and academic leaders as well as students at all ages and stages.  She currently serves as a continuing education instructor at Rutgers Graduate School of Social Work (teaching courses in trauma) and as a visiting professor at College Unbound (also a course in trauma).  She has been the author in residence at a 100% free and reduced lunch elementary school in Bennington, VT.

Her newest adult book, Trauma Does Not Stop at the School Door (released by Teachers College Press June 2020), focuses on how to create trauma responsive educational institutions from PreK — College.  It was named one of top five education book releases in June 2020.  It extends the arguments from her earlier award-winning adult book Breakaway Learners (also published by Teachers College Press 2017).   She is also the author of 10 children’s books, including the Lady Lucy series. Several of her children’s books have been translated into Spanish and one is bilingual (as is the author).

Her most children’s recent book is titled Tongue Twisters and Beyond: Words at Play, useful for schools reopening after COVID closures.  This book, along with her just released The Feeling Alphabet Activity Set (with Dr. Ed Wang of Harvard Medical School), are focused on the mental health needs of students in this complex world of COVID and racial and ethnic tensions. Her next book will launch in London in October 2020 and is titled Lady Lucy’s Dinosaur Quest.


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One response to “Karen Gross joins the show to talk Trauma-Responsive Schools & Covid”

  1. Karen Gross says:

    Thanks for having me as a guest. I enjoyed the conversation and hope it helps many educators. I hope you will invite me back! I’d welcome that.

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