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Episode 5: Intergenerational Trauma and Resiliency

Posted on October 17, 2017

Episode 5: Intergenerational Trauma and Resiliency

In Episode 5, Matt, Curt, and Jerry continue discussing some of the ways that experiences can impact individual people as well as groups of people collectively.  In this episode, we touch on a phenomenon known as intergenerational, or transgenerational, transmission.  Previously, prevailing views held that child-rearing practices were the mechanism of transmitting similar patterns of behavior across generations.  More recent findings related to epigenetics have added to our understanding through the identification of biological and genetic mechanisms supporting transgenerational similarities in behavior patterns.  The hopeful news is the incredible capacity of humans to adapt to changing conditions through a variety of mechanisms.  Not only can the actions we take today to improve our world make a difference in the immediate context, but also those actions can make a difference to generations that follow.


Jerry’s Question of the week: If exposed to trauma can harm us and connections can help us heal and maintain our health, how do you strike a balance in your work and life?

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