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Episode 71: Self-regulation & Psychosocial Well-being

Posted on February 8, 2019

Episode 71: Self-regulation & Psychosocial Well-being

In our final episode in our heart rate variability (HRV) series, Matt, Curt, and Jerry examine the connecting between HRV, self-regulation, and psychosocial well-being. We also reflect on the entire series and crucial lessons learned about trauma’s impact on critical biomarkers. Is HRV the next major step forward in education, psychology, and medicine?

Discussion questions:

  1. What are the key points you’ve learned in our examination on HRV?
  2. Have our discussions convinced you to track your own HRV?
  3. How do you see HRV impacting the future of education, psychology, and medicine?

This week’s article: Cardiac Coherence, self regulation, autonomic stability


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