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Episode 68: Heart Rate Variability & Social Engagement

Posted on January 15, 2019

Episode 68: Heart Rate Variability & Social Engagement

In this episode, we continue our exploration of trauma and heart rate variability. This week we explore the relationship between stressful life events, heart rate variability, and social engagement. Our conversation explores how this research applies to programming and treatment to help people recover and heal from trauma.

Article for this week: High cardiac control protects against future depressive symptoms under conditions of high social support

Discussion questions:

  1. How does the understanding that some folks benefit greatly and others might be triggered by social connections affect how we structure your programming?
  2. Can you identify ways you can more effectively work with those that need extra time to establish trust and feel safe with staff and others in the program?
  3. Do you have any thoughts on how you might integrate non-social interventions to supplement your program?

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