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Episode 63: Autonomic Nervous System & Trauma

Posted on December 4, 2018

Episode 63: Autonomic Nervous System & Trauma

Podcasters: Matthew Bennett, Curt Mower, and Dr. Jerry Yager

In several past episodes of the Trauma-Informed Lens podcast, we’ve discussed the impact of chronic, unpredictable stressors (e.g., ACEs) on the nervous system.  In particular, the Autonomic Nervous System, designed to be highly sensitive to input from our environment, can become sensitized and chronically upregulated in children and adults who experience chronic, unpredictable stress.  In this episode, we’ll talk a little about two studies demonstrating differences in autonomic activity between various groups.

Discussion Questions:

  • How do you see this research playing out in those you serve?
  • How could this research better inform your interventions and programming?
  • Is there a way you could communicate this information to those you serve in a way to help them understand their own behavior?

This week’s Article: Heart Rate Variability as a biomarker for ANS response differences between children with chronic pain vs healthy controls

Next week’s Article: Differences in HPA-axis and heart rate 2014

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