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Episode 62: Heart Rate Variability & Trauma

Posted on November 27, 2018

Episode 62: Heart Rate Variability & Trauma

The first podcast in a series focused on the relationship between heart rate variability and trauma, we introduce the concept and provide some initial insights. In 2015, the Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology published a unique special issue dedicated to the idea of implementing physiological measures into the assessment of Clinical Child & Adolescent behavioral health.  The issue included several articles demonstrating how this can be done.  We start a multi-episode show to share some literature, examples, and issues with using physiology in our assessment and understanding of some of the impacts of exposure to adverse childhood experiences.

Articles for next week’s podcast:

Differences in HPA-axis and heart rate 2014

Heart Rate Variability as a biomarkder for ANS response differences between children with chronic pain vs healthy controls

Discussion Questions:

  • How does our discussion on the connection between biology and behavior influence your thinking about your work?
  • Do you see any way to help craft interventions and programming around this understand? What if technology improved dramatically?

2 responses to “Episode 62: Heart Rate Variability & Trauma”

  1. M says:

    I loved this episode! I’m very interested in HRV.

    I’ve been using an app called Welltory on android to track my HRV in the mornings for a baseline and before and after meditation, yoga, and exercise. I find it helps me see if I should take things easy or if I can maybe do a little extra that day.

    Thanks so much for posting this episode and I look forward to more!

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