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Episode 59: The Role of Employment in Recovery

Posted on October 31, 2018

Episode 59: The Role of Employment in Recovery

Matt, Curt, and Jerry recorded this episode together after their keynote address and workshop at the 4th Annual Colorado Individual Placement & Support (IPS) Conference. IPS is an innovative best practice which positions employment as a component of a client’s recovery process and not something to consider at a later point when the client reaches some future state of wellness. After spending the day learning and teaching, we share our thoughts about our experience and recent thinking on the role of employment for those recovering from trauma.

Discussion questions:

  1. How do you see the role of employment in our client’s recovery?
  2. When do you know a client is ready for employment or, for younger clients, when to talk about future aspirations.
  3. Are there things you can do to support clients differently to provide self-confidence building experience like employment earlier in care/treatment?

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