Trauma-Informed Lens Podcast

Episode 46: Trauma & Growth Mindsets

Posted on July 31, 2018

Episode 46: Trauma & Growth Mindsets

Podcasters: Matthew Bennett, Curt Mower, & Dr. Jerry Yager

Following up last week’s discussion on fixed and victim thinking, this week’s episode explores the power of shifting mindsets. Too often trauma leaves people with a negative view of self and world. Identifying fixed mindsets and replacing it with a growth mindset is critical to establishing hope and the overall healing process. In this episode, Matt, Curt, and Jerry explore the growth mindset and how we can position it as part of our overall approach to care and self-care.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Can you identify how you can shift any fixed thinking into growth mindset?
  2. How could you teach the growth mindset to those you work with?
  3. How could your team adapt growth mindset thinking?

Here is that article Curt mentioned that will explain all human behavior in a mathematical formula!! 

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