Trauma-Informed Lens Podcast

Episode 41: Sensitization & Tolerance

Posted on June 26, 2018

Episode 41: Sensitization & Tolerance

Podcasters: Matt Bennett, Curt Mower, & Dr. Jerry Yager

In this episode, we build upon our recent discussion on resiliency and explore the role of tolerance and sensitization as it relates to trauma. The type and intensity of the stimulus, including trauma, determine whether the individual builds resiliency or vulnerability. Understanding sensitization and tolerance help us understand certain behaviors and mindsets while providing us with a roadmap for developing trauma-sensitive approaches.

Discussion Questions

  • How does sensitization and tolerance help explain some of the maladaptive behaviors of those we try to help?
  • Think about a specific client, how did repeated trauma impact their tolerance?
  • How can you improve programs and intervention utilizing this knowledge of sensitization and tolerance?



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