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Episode 40: Microaggressions & the “isms”

Posted on June 19, 2018

Episode 40: Microaggressions & the “isms”

Podcasters: Dr. Melody Brown, Matt Bennett, Curt Mower, & Dr. Jerry Yager

Dr. Melody Brown joins Matt, Curt, and Jerry to explore the concept of microaggressions and how repeated experiences, even small ones, of racism, heterosexualism, and other forms of discrimination become traumatic. For too many people, these acts of prejudice and bigotry become part of a person’s narrative or story of themselves. Attention to the effects of these microaggressions are an essential part of trauma-informed approaches and help us expand our definitions of trauma in an important way.

Discussion questions

  • Can you identify ways which microaggressions are impacting those you work with?
  • Have you ever experience covert or overt microaggressions? What was that experience like?
  • How can we help those we serve to address the discrimination and bigotry they have experience and change their narratives?
  • Can you conceptualize the relationship between traumatic events a person experience and microaggressions? What is the impact of this multidimensional experience?

Dr. Melody Brown’s Contact Information: or 720.507.6764

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