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Episode 37: Contagious Emotions, Self-care, & Organizational Culture

Posted on May 28, 2018

Episode 37: Contagious Emotions, Self-care, & Organizational Culture

Podcasters: Matt Bennett, Curt Mower, & Dr. Jerry Yager

Building on the research discussed in Episode 36, Matt, Curt, and Jerry explore how the research concerning social networks and the contagious nature of emotions influence helper and helping organization. What are the consequences for those of us who spend the majority of our time with those struggling with trauma and mental illness? What challenges does this reality present for leadership and all of us as we try to establish and maintain healthy and productive organizations and schools? These questions and more are tackled in this important episode.

Discussion Questions

  • How do you feel like having people with trauma and mental illness as a constant part of your social network has affected you?
  • How have you seen this work affect others?
  • What does the research on social networks and parallel processes challenge our ability to create and maintain a healthy organization culture?
  • What steps can we take personally and organizations to use the research to improve well-being for ourselves and outcomes for our clients

Listen now: Episode 37: Contagious Emotions, Self-care, & Organizational Culture

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