Trauma-Informed Lens Podcast

Episode 25: Trauma & Criminal Thinking

Posted on March 6, 2018

Episode 25: Trauma & Criminal Thinking

Podcasters: Russha Montag-Knauer, Matt Bennett, Curt Mower, & Dr. Jerry Yager

In this episode, Matt, Curt, and Jerry welcome Russha Montag-Knauer. Russha works as an Analyst for the Evaluation Unit at the Colorado Division of Probation Services and has worked over the years in integrating trauma-informed practices into her criminal justice philosophy and work. One clear finding in the trauma research is that those with unresolved trauma histories have a higher likelihood for involvement in the criminal justice system. While this surprises few, who know the neurobiological impact of trauma, we will examine how a person’s hurt and pain too often results in criminal behaviors.

Discussion questions:

  • What is the relationship between trauma and criminal behavior?
  • How could helping your clients heal from their trauma prevent future criminal acts?
  • What would a trauma-informed criminal justice system look like in your community, state, or country?

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