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Episode 23: Trauma & Autism

Posted on February 20, 2018

Episode 23: Trauma & Autism

In Episode 23, Curt and Matt are joined by autism experts Dr. Douglas Goldsmith, Safia Keller, and Kristy Chambers for a fascinating discussion on trauma and autism. We examine the relationship between autism and trauma and how those with autism are at higher risk for bullying and other forms of trauma. Utilizing our combined experience and expertise, we also examine approaches to ensure safety and effective interventions for those dealing with both autism and trauma.

Watch the Video of this Episode!

Columbus Community Center’s website

Invisible Disabilities – Training for law enforcement encountering individuals with autism

Recent local news footage featuring one of our Board members and his son on the spectrum in training law enforcement to recognize and help those with autism.

Douglas Goldsmith –

Safia Keller –

Kristy Chambers –

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