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Episode 20: The Cup Analogy and the Stress Response

Posted on January 30, 2018

Episode 20: The Cup Analogy and the Stress Response

Understanding the biological effects of stress and trauma helps us to comprehend the reason behind certain behaviors and ways of thinking. In this podcast, Matt, Curt, and Jerry examine a simple analogy to help us understand the complexities of stress and trauma and assist us in teaching clients, students, and patients about their own stress response.

Discussion Questions:

  • What impacts your clients’ ability to hold and manage stress?
  • How you can use the cup analogy to talk about stress, trauma, window of tolerance, and the fight, flight, or freeze responses.
  • How does the cup analogy informs how we structure programming?
  • How do the concepts of trauma-informed care help you manage someone’s stress (overfilled cup)?

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