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Denis Thompson talks Trauma & Chronic Pain

Posted on March 3, 2021

Denis Thompson talks Trauma & Chronic Pain

Denis Thompson joins the show to talk about the relationship between trauma and pain. Trauma and stress are the often overlooked aspects of the opioid epidemic and addiction in general. Denis shares his expertise in pain management and provides a new way to think about and treat a common struggle of people with trauma.

Denis Thompson

For the past 25-years, Denis has helped more than 500,000 patients worldwide eliminate their pain without drugs and speed up the process of healing and recovery.

Denis is an Exercise Physiologist by education, so he also has been the man behind the curtain in most national championships and world championships and has taken hundreds of athletes and nonathletes out of wheelchairs.

One of the other things he is known for is patenting therapy called Neuro Therapy which treats why you have symptoms not where you have symptoms.

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