Trauma-Informed Lens Podcast

Beth Sandlin talk Trauma Informed Pilates

Posted on October 28, 2020

Beth Sandlin talk Trauma Informed Pilates

Beth Sandlin joins the Trauma-Informed Len Podcast to discuss her Trauma Informed Pilates Approach. Beth provides an amazing example of innovation through the application of the trauma-informed lens!

Beth Sandlin is a Pilates Teacher and Health Educator. She recently left her role at a University Health Clinic as Assistant Director of Educational Services to step full time into her work with Pilates. She also has experience as a College Professor in both Pilates and Health Education.

She is passionate about supporting people with Pilates. In 2019, Beth developed the Trauma Informed Pilates Approach (TIPA) based on current knowledge and best practices of Trauma Informed Care. She is the founder of Trifecta Pilates, offering free Pilates Classes on YouTube and via an online membership.




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