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Episode 9: Attachment, the human operating systems?

Posted on November 14, 2017

Episode 9: Attachment, the human operating systems?

In the 1960s, John Bowlby provided a theoretical framework for understanding the importance of early child-caregiver interactions, which has become known as Attachment Theory.  Bowlby’s framework has given rise to a vast amount of psychological research and the importance of attuned, attentive, consistent caregiver interactions to optimal child development is undeniable. But what constitutes an attuned, attentive interaction? What happens in the brains of children and their caregivers during these interactions that are so important to both?

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One response to “Episode 9: Attachment, the human operating systems?”

  1. LOIS HALEY says:

    Thank you so much for creating this pod-cast. With being a foster parent and trying to be trauma-informed parents, this has been helpful for us to listen to. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to each of the topics and I am personally fascinated by learning more about how trauma could effect our children.

    I do have a request for a topic if possible to piggy back off the attachment aspect if possible- Is on facilitating attachment with teenagers placed in our home who have experienced trauma in many different aspects. We’ve had some kids who show signs of RAD but we were unable to find research on how to help them in the best way possible. Or could you approach the topic of Trauma-informed and the foster care system?

    Thank you so much!

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