What Happened to my Matt’s Mumblings E-mails?

Posted on June 14, 2019

What Happened to my Matt’s Mumblings E-mails?

Me: Where did my e-mail list go?

MailChimp Support: We really don’t know.

Me: Well, I’m sure you back up your user’s data, could you restore it for me?

MailChimp Support: Actually, we don’t back up our data and are unable to restore any lost information.

Just like, that years of traveling the country and building an e-mail list of passionate people disappeared into the great void of the internet. After a few minutes of cycling anger, sadness, and loss, I took a breath and jumped back into my upcoming training and writing my trauma-sensitive school book. Not only did I not have time to mourn the loss of the community I spent years building, but I also didn’t see how my anger and sadness helped me achieve the tasks right in front of me.

A week or two later, a new strategy emerged. Instead of trying to recreate the list or start a new one, I would utilize social media to get my message out to the world. Like most people I talk to, I’m in a love/hate relationship with social media. I enjoy staying in touch with people I would normally not see for years and struggle with all the ads, privacy issues, and political wars that fills my feed on a daily basis.

The break also gave me a chance to step back and rethink the blog. While it isn’t hard for me to put out a new post every Friday, sometimes my travel and training schedule leaves me with a lack of creative juice. Other times, my thoughts need more space than the short posts I try to write weekly. I’m using the change to increase my flexibility and variety in my writing. I hope this will improve the quality of the content I share.

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