Giving Thanks

Posted on November 16, 2018

Giving Thanks

Frisco, Colorado – Nashville, Tennessee – Fountain, Colorado – Denver, Colorado – Phoenix, Arizona – Pasadena, California – El Monte, California – Fountain, Colorado – Atlanta, Georgia – Chamblee, Georgia – Fort Carson, Colorado – New Orleans, Louisiana – Lakewood, Colorado – Pasadena, California – El Monte, California – Aurora, Colorado – Phoenix, Arizona

16,000 miles, 24 trainings, ten weeks, leaves me a little tired, incredibly inspired, and grateful for all of you doing amazing work all over the country. If you watch the news, it is hard not to think our country is spinning out of control. Political strife, an “invasion” on the southern border, mass killings, and a hangover from one of the nastiest political seasons in memory. It almost seems forced to find a moment to reflect on what we are thankful for amidst all the pain, dysfunction, and suffering.

After traveling across this amazing country of ours, I’m left with an incredible sense of gratitude and humility. Meeting thousands of people that dedicate their lives to the service of children, those struggling, and the health of their communities leaves me with an incredible appreciation for the compassion inherent to our humanity. Forsaking any hope for fame or fortune, their wealth comes from knowing, in some small way, the world is a little better because they provided an ounce of hope, love, and empathy to people needing someone to see the value that lies inside of them.

My challenge to you all this Thanksgiving is to take a moment to appreciate both your individual impact on your community and the collective work of hundreds of thousands of teachers, social workers, public health providers, outreach workers, therapist, case managers, and others going to work each day motivated, not by financial gain but making the world a better place. We bring light to dark places, make sure you take a moment, however brief, to appreciate yourself and all those doing this amazing works.

Thank you for your dedication, passion, and the love you give every day.

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