A Vote

Posted on October 26, 2018

A Vote

Got my mail in ballot this week! After several marches and protests and too many calls to my congressperson to remember, I actually get to express my voice through my vote. After voting a few times in Indiana, I love the Colorado ballot!

First, I love the fact that I can sit with my ballot, Google, and talk to my wife about all the candidates and ballot initiatives. Second, I sit and wonder why all states don’t use a mail-in system. I see visuals of people standing for hours on a cold November day, while all I need to do is ensure my ballot gets into the mail a few weeks after it arrives. Third, I love direct democracy. Sure, we get some odd initiatives from time to time, but when our elective officials cannot find the political courage to raise taxes, enact sensible drug laws, or fund education we get our shot!

There were some great highlights in my votes this year. My vote for Jared Polis, hopefully, means Colorado could elect the first openly gay man to governor. Also, I got a great pleasure voting on six initiatives to raise taxes for infrastructure and education. It is always great to support my great Representative Diana DeGette.

If I’m entirely honest, I want more! Polis seemed a lock for a while and DeGette’s seat was never in doubt. I want to yell at the top of my lungs and vote against and for everything I see at risk around the country. Living in a liberal city, in an increasingly progressive state, I’m lucky in so many ways (I voted for an openly gay man for governor!) yet many of the offices I really hope change are outside my community or not on the ballot this year. Today as my ballot goes in the mail, I add my whisper of a single vote to what I hope is a collective uproar for human rights, health care, criminal justice reform, gun control, education, and all the issues for which so many of us marched, called, and now vote to uphold.

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  1. Amy Grassette says:

    Hello my friend. I, too do a mail-in ballot; although it is not offered to all in MA. We do have early voting; which I have been advertising to staff for 2 weeks. Also did 3 weeks of voter registration at the health center.
    Hope you are well and that we will get to see each other soon……….maybe in DC?
    The Council invited me to be the keynote speaker in New Haven, CT at the end of November. They have been working with their Primary Care Association to plan a one day Symposium for their 8 Health Care for the Homeless Programs. There will also be opportunity to mentor consumers in attendance. Super excited! Be well!

    • Matthew Bennett says:

      How cool! So great to call such a passionate and brilliant advocate my friend! I’m planning to be in D.C.!

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