Q & A with My Reiki Master!

Posted on May 11, 2018

Q & A with My Reiki Master!

Last week I shared my experiences over the last several months with Reiki. This week, I wanted to get you some more information about Reiki from someone who knows her stuff! Here is how she introduces herself: Yarra Sophia Venne is honored every day to be a Reiki Master and to share the healing power that is Reiki with everyone that she meets.   Profoundly and deeply healed by Reiki herself, Yarra is dedicated to creating a nonjudgmental space for healing of all kinds for the People and Animals of the Earth and to teaching about energy healing as a compliment to other forms of healing as well as on its own.  Yarra is delighted to get to work in person with people in Denver, Colorado and remotely around the country and world online.

I asked her a few questions to get a better idea of Reiki, how it could help some heal from trauma, and why we might consider it for our own self-care.

I shared my personal experience in our session, how would you define Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle yet powerful energy healing technique that works on the Physical, Emotional, Energetic and Spiritual bodies to restore them back to a state of balance and flow. Reiki heals deeply yet easily, requiring nothing except the openness and desire to heal. It can be received in person or remotely over the phone or video chat and can be done one to one or as group healings, it is extremely versatile and always just what is needed.

What could someone who gets Reiki expect to experience?

Everyone experiences Reiki in their own way, and all of them are perfect, I always tell clients that there is no wrong way to “get Reiki”. Some people feel tingly, or heat or cold, some see colors, some snore within a few minutes, others chat throughout the entire session and some people don’t “feel” anything specific. Deep Relaxation is the one thing that all of my clients experience and a feeling of relief and wellbeing is also a most common reaction to Reiki.

How could Reiki help someone with Trauma?

Reiki is especially wonderful for helping release Trauma from the physical body as well as to heal the source of the trauma energetically. Reiki does not require the person receiving it to relive the traumatic experience, instead creating a restful and restorative condition within the body allowing for deep healing without retriggering. Reiki also promotes healthy sleep patterns and helps with lowering cortisol levels, allowing for less stress and more rest.

Why would you suggest someone integrating Reiki into their self-care plan?

Reiki is a reset for the body, mind, and spirit. It is a powerful healing tool but also an extremely beneficial self-care tool as well. Once we experience what it feels like to be balanced, energetic and free from stress, we are more in tune to when we are out of our flow. Then we can quickly clear out whatever is blocking it with Reiki and get back to feeling in our center and in our power.

If you want more information you can reach Yarro at or by following @ReikiWithYarra on the socials.

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