My Reiki Reflections

Posted on May 4, 2018

My Reiki Reflections

I mentioned back in January that my wonderful wife got me a Reiki session for the holidays. Since my first visit in January, I went back several times over the last few months. I wanted to give you all an update and some thoughts and follow this up with next week’s post where I pose a few questions to my Reiki practitioner Yarra.

I want to start off by saying Reiki is freak’n cool! Following Yarra’s advice, I did several sessions every other week for six weeks and then followed up when I felt I needed a refresher. This strategy helped get me in balance, and then the checkups helped keep everything in equilibrium. I compare this to going back to a chiropractor or massage therapist when your body feels out of alignment.

Each experience was different and compelling in its own way. As someone who has engaged in different healing/spiritual practices over the years, Reiki was comparable in providing an amazing peak experience that taught me quite a bit about myself. The thing I liked about Reiki is that it combined a powerful peak spiritual experience with the therapeutic effects that I would compare loosely to the feeling after a massage.

The other difference from other healing/spiritual practices is the passive nature of Reiki. I laid there silently as Yarra did her thing. There was no guided meditation, journey, or trip but a sensory experience that all happened in the room and the moment. One of those things that I find hard to explain or put into words, but it was freak’n cool, is to feel parts of your body become warm or tingle without any physical manipulation our touch occurring.

While I’m sure, like every traditional or alternative healing approach, one’s experience varies depending on the practitioner you visit; I highly suggest trying it out. Similar to a massage, Yarra did not evoke any spiritual orientation or beliefs outside that our bodies are energy systems and the better balanced this system, the better it operates (plenty of science to back up the body as a biological energy system, especially the brain which produces enough electricity to keep an old-school light bulb lit 24 hours a day).

I’m also very interested in how Reiki might benefit those struggling with trauma. We know that many people with complex trauma initially struggle to put their experiences into words making talk therapy difficult.  Might Reiki provide a healing therapeutic approach for these people with little risk of retraumatization? After my experience, I would love to see this studied. If some of my past clients experienced the healing effects I did, I can’t help but think that Reiki could supplement many treatment approaches and help move people into more traditional talk therapy approach or help heal people on its own. I’ll ask Yarra more about this in next week’s post!

3 responses to “My Reiki Reflections”

  1. Stephanie says:

    My mom used to do reiki to me when I was younger because I had horrible nightmares. For mother’s day this year, I got her a massage and a reiki session. So cool to read about others experiences doing it!

  2. nikki says:

    So excited that you bring this up. I am a family doc working with the homeless population and have been trying to add every modality that I can that will be inexpensive and not adding medications. I have been using Reiki, acupuncture and now have been in homeopathy school to keep it sustainable and now easily accessed. My patients are so happy to have all of those options offered!

    • Matthew Bennett says:

      This is awesome Nikki! Do you have program descriptions of what you are doing? Love to spread the word as this sounds amazing and incredibly innovative!

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