My Obsessive Search for Brain Health

Posted on March 30, 2018

My Obsessive Search for Brain Health

What follows supports the video.

Diet and Supplements (Brands only given after researching options extensively). Please check with your medical provider before starting a supplement routine.

  • Source Natural Life Force Multiple
    • Just a ton of great things hard to find in normal diets including Turmeric and other brain critical compounds hard to find in other multiples. Note: In the post I mentioned I take an additional Turmeric supplement, this is due to the vegan version of this vitamin not being available where I buy my supplements.
    • Benefits (Note: Multiple vitamins are a source of debate among health care experts. I only use this one for its unique mix of critical compounds)
      • Supports mindfulness
      • Decreases inflammation (in the brain to fight aging; in the body to fight pain and improve immune functioning). Can counteract cytokines release during trauma and stress that cause inflammation promoting many diseases and increasing the severity of symptoms.
      • General support of immune functioning
      • Supports optimal functioning of Mitochondria (the powerhouse) in cells decreasing the impact of aging
      • Contains active health-promoting chemical in red wine…not as fun but healthy nevertheless!
  • DHA + EPA
    • Supports benefits of mindfulness improve blood flow and functioning of the pre-frontal cortex
    • Promotes mental health
    • Notes:
      • If you don’t eat fish on a regular basis, this is critical
      • Plant-based options are now available. I use Ovega-3, but other options are available
      • If you are vegan or vegetarian supplements are the only options for these critical chemicals
  • Basis by Elysium
    • Might be the most significant breakthrough in aging research. The active chemical, Nicotinamide Riboside, has reversed the effects of aging in animal studies by reenergizing Mitochondria functioning which decreases with aging
    • Elysium has an innovative business model where they went to market as a supplement instead of going through the FDA process. Human studies have not been complete so animal studies are the only available data to support effectiveness.
    • Note: Basis is expensive. I am cheap. My wife and I both take it.
  • Amazing Grass Green Superfood
    • I add a scoop to my morning shakes (also includes: apple, blueberries, carrots, kale/spinach, and broccoli)
    • Loaded with great stuff and perfect for those of us too lazy to grow our wheatgrass!
    • I use it to boost my antioxidant and probiotic intake supporting immune and digestive health
  • Creatine
    • Only suggest this for vegetarians, vegans, and baseball players! I put a minimum amount in my daily shakes
    • The body creates some on its own, and we get the rest through regular meat intake
    • Lack of creatine negatively impacts Mitochondria functioning and is found lacking in non-meat eaters
  • Raw Cacao Powder
    • I love this stuff! Great for aging, mood, immune functioning, blood pressure, tooth decay and even sunburns!
    • Has tons of fiber, iron, calcium, and magnesium
    • Tastes great mix in with some soy/almond milk, vanilla (good for cancer prevention, mood, inflammation, and immune function) and cinnamon (great for the heart and brain and many other things)
    • I suggest getting the powder as many of the bars with high Cacao have other ingredients which do not support health
  • Green(ish) Tea
    • Tea is great for antioxidants and digestive health
    • A nice and healthier alternative to coffee
    • I like all kinds of tea. Currently drink Yerba Mate, very high levels of antioxidants and a nice caffeine boost to wake you up.
  • Kombucha
    • Not everyone likes the taste, but there are more flavored versions out there and other similar probiotic drinks
    • Gut health, gut health, gut health. Tons of great probiotic bacteria your gut needs!
    • A healthy gut aids in proper immune functioning
    • Great for heart and liver
    • Some research indicates that that gut is critical for mental health and probiotics are great for gut health!

2 responses to “My Obsessive Search for Brain Health”

  1. Sarah Felix Burns says:

    What is the best place to order supplements like these online?

    • Matthew Bennett says:

      Hi Sarah. I buy almost everything on Amazon. If you sign up for their Subscribe and Save it gives you an additional discount. The Basis (and research on it) can be found here ( Let me know if you have any additional question and thanks for reading!!

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