When Our Children March, Will We Follow?

Posted on March 23, 2018

When Our Children March, Will We Follow?

I sit in awe of the of the students from Parkland Florida and around the country who are organizing, marching, protesting, and speaking out against our insane gun culture. Through history, there are unique movements when the youth of a culture find strength, courage, and articulation to carry out any successful activism and change the world. On March 24th around the country, we get our opportunity to show our support and add our voice of outrage to those of our children and students.

While every voice is important, to me, showing up to the “March for Our Lives” event on Saturday is not about carrying signs or chanting slogans. My presence on Saturday is about showing respect and love for those voices and that I share their fear and pain. The age of many of the leaders of the movement prevents them from voting in November. I march on Saturday to let them know that they have my vote, my energy, and my support.

Our children have found their voice and are pointing out the fault and failure of previous generations’ inaction on the issue of violence and mass murder. No matter our past indecisiveness, we are still able to find our voice and power through the action of these students. In a news cycle rife with impending disaster, sex with porn stars, and utter stupidity, Saturday offers all of us a chance to show how important this movement is for the safety of not only our students but the right for everyone to go to the movies, concerts, and live life without the fear of being a statistic in the next mass killing.

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2 responses to “When Our Children March, Will We Follow?”

  1. Philip J. Malebranche says:

    The activism that children and teenagers have chosen to do across the country is good and necessary because the moves against our freedoms of movement, association, speech, and thought are very real. They are struggling for their future. It is better to participate in the struggle than to wake up, one day, to find that all options for action are removed. I regret that some school principals and educators have discouraged walk-outs from school: this is actually teaching students that they should not be free to express themselves and defend themselves with activity, with action. These few educators are collaborating with egregious forces. Soon, many will realize that the enemies of Blacks are the enemies of everyone who prefers to do good. Racist forces have always been anti-democratic. The action to change the nature of the Untied States of America is happening under our noses. The reaction to preserve our freedoms is unavoidable to ward off the general use of forced labor and forced action. The increase in rancor and violence is because some are trying to kill peace and love. Even the hand sign for peace has been inverted and confused with other hand signs. Confusion and distortion are the beginning of categorical action and the fait accompli. Positive action in self-defense is personal growth.

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