A Great Book: Life Reimagined

Posted on February 2, 2018

A Great Book: Life Reimagined

One way you know you are a nerd is when you listened to every nonfiction audiobook you are mildly interested in on your library app! I usually try to find a “fun” nonfiction book on Friday to listen to over the weekend and help me get through house cleaning! I typically fill this time with something on physics, history, or a story of Arctic adventure; this is my fun reading!

Since I had either read or listened to all the audiobooks in these categories I downloaded Life Reimagined: The science, art, and opportunity of midlife by Barbara Bradley Hagerty of NPR fame. Hey, I’m 43 which means this book should be all about me!

In the NPR style, Hagerty combines her personal exploration and life experiences, stories from others working through midlife dilemmas, and research from the top scientists in a variety of fields. The resulting book is an enjoyable experience that speaks directly to the thinking, struggles, and aspirations of the midlife NPR fan (and others as well)!

Much of the book affirmed the life choices I’ve made through my focus on developing self-care training. However, I was happy to find new aspects of this research when applied to the middle-aged brain and biology. Even in areas where I claim a great deal of expertise such as trauma, her approach and focus on my age group gave me some new research and ideas about how to apply the concepts in my own life.

Without any hesitation, Life Reimaged is a must read for those in midlife. It sheds light on a developmental stage too often overlooked by science. I believe most everyone who reads it will gain both insights and strategies from the research. For those young folks working in our fields, I would still highly suggest this book. First, you’ll learn a great deal you can use with clients in this age group. Second, you too, my friend, will someday transition from youth to midlife. Life Reimagined provides you with a roadmap to successfully navigate this stage and to do things earlier that will help you when you join us someday!

Life Reimagined is one of those rare books that brings together science, narratives, and practical solutions. If you are a huge NPR fan like myself, you’ll also enjoy the style as both engaging and challenging at the same time. In other words: READ THIS BOOK!

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