Onwards to 2018! A few changes to the Mumblings!

Posted on December 28, 2017

Onwards to 2018! A few changes to the Mumblings!

With 2017 behind us I want to think a little about the future!

Last September marked the 4th year anniversary of Matt’s Mumblings. Over this time, I’ve worked for three organizations; the blog is in its third unique format, and we now have 2,250 subscribers plus many who read on LinkedIn. Few things in my career have been as rewarding as writing every week and building a community of helpers from around the country.

Going into 2018, I’m changing things up slightly for a couple of reasons. First, I’m loving the process of writing books! As I’m sure you have noticed, my blog posts can get a little long at times (spanning up to 6 months for our most extended series). While I love writing, these longer posts take away time and creativity energy that I want to start putting towards more developed ideas that will end up in future books.

The second reason is the success of the Trauma-informed Lens Podcast. I love doing the podcast and, by the feedback we are getting, people enjoy listening to it as well. I’m finding this format, and the brilliance of Curt and Jerry allow for an in-depth exploration of critical aspects of the trauma-informed movement. Having limited time during the week, I feel the more time I can commit to producing the best podcast possible, the better learning experience people will encounter. One of my original goals for Matt’s Mumblings was to give people something to think about each week; now the podcast does this in a far better format.

Matt’s Mumblings is not going anywhere; I am tweaking it a little. First, I’m going to focus on writing shorter (less series) posts. Posts will focus on insights I get from what I’m reading, things I learn in my travels and trainings, and thoughts on topics discussed on the podcast. Second, reducing the size will allow me to fit the entire post in the e-mail, so no more clicking links to read the full post (mirror post will still be available on the website as well as past posts). Occasionally, I might have some longer posts and might take a few weeks without posting to fully develop the concept before sending it out.

It is such an honor to know that people care about the thoughts that bounce around my head! I see this new format will provide me a chance to share more personal insights and hopefully start some great conversations.

Thanks for your continued engagement and support!

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