Reflections on 2017

Posted on December 20, 2017

Reflections on 2017

Happy Holidays my friends. Wow, so 2017 happened! In the last few days of the year, I sit back as a mix of humble appreciation and exhaustion rush over me.

Rewind the clock 365 days and I could never have guessed that I would find myself in my current position. Choosing to leave the Coldspring Center was one of the most difficult career choices of my life. If you had asked me last year, at this time, I would have confidently stated that I would work there until I retired. As one who has always searched to place myself, in a position, to have the greatest impact on the issues I care deeply about, the change needed to happen and, yet this certainly did not lessen the sadness I felt leaving an organization and people that I cared for and respect so much.

My career transition opened the door to several of the most rewarding opportunities in my professional life. Publishing Connecting Paradigms: A trauma-informed neurobiological framework for Motivational Interviewing implementation continues to be a fantastic experience. It has been humbling to see the response to the book and so much fun to meet people who first get to know me by reading it. I hope it continues to serve as a tool for those in the helping professions for years to come.

I realized another professional dream when Curt Mower, Dr. Jerry Yager, and myself started the Trauma-Informed Lens Podcast. Similar to the book, the podcast has reached geographic locations and people I would never have met otherwise. Every week I look forward to talking about the issues I care deeply about with two people I hold in tremendous respect.

Through all the transitions, publishing a book, and starting a podcast, I again had the honor of traveling the country talking about the trauma-informed paradigm. From San Diego to D.C., from Texas to Minnesota I met so many great new friends and reconnected with some old ones. It is such an honor to meet thousands of great people doing such amazing work. Every time I stand up in front of people to talk about my passion I realize that I’m so lucky to get to do something I love and to meet some of the best people in the entire world in the process!



Here to wrapping up 2017 and looking forward to 2018!



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