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Posted on January 17, 2014


The New Year is always a time for transitions and like every transition there is something lost and gained.  After being in operation since 2001, the owners of Diverse Management Solutions, LLC (DMS) have decided to close the company.  We will continue to fulfill our contracts but DMS will not be accepting new business in 2014.  While it is difficult to close the door on such a huge part of my career and life, I do so with a great and exciting opportunity that is already starting to be realized.

As DMS closes its doors, my longtime partner Bettina Harmon and I have decided to start a new nonprofit to continue our work in the social service, public health and educational sectors.  Along with our founding board members, Olga Vera-NeSmith and Jeff Somers, have opened Coldspring Center for Social and Health Innovation.  We believe that becoming a Mission driven organization better fits the work we want to do in the future, our passion for the sectors we serve and the expertise we work constantly to develop. 

Coldspring Center is hitting the ground running in 2014.  Besides continuing our quality improvement work and training we are excited to announce the Trauma Informed Excellence online series which will be launched in later winter or early spring.  This training transitions our highly successful trauma informed care, Thrive: Self-care and Trauma Informed Leadership into an interactive online format.  While we will continue to offer the in-person versions of these trainings we believe this curriculum will allow us to provide more information to organizations and systems of care in an efficient and cost effective manner.  We will be offer both individual, organization and system of care certificates and you can get more information at

Coldspring Center has created an online presence to better distribute our research to the larger community.  Matt’s blog Matt’s Mumblings ( has been up for several months and is averaging hundreds of readers a week, not to mention a small international audience as well.  This week we have launched a Facebook page ( and a Twitter Feed ( to better keep our past and current clients updated with the latest research and Coldspring Center offerings.  Finally, this all comes together on our website (, a work in progress for sure but a starting point for those who want basic information like, “How did you come up with the name Coldspring Center?”  

We hope that through a better online presence Coldspring Center will create an international conversation on research, practices and capacity building activities that further the science and art of healing.  Last year we were lucky enough to train great folks from Massachusetts to Hawaii from Seattle to Puerto Rico and along the way have a great start to this goal.  If you have not joined us yet please contact us or visit or sites and get your voice in the conversation.  You can contact me at and Bettina at

To a great 2014 and beyond!

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